~ Rick Sky ~

Ricks journey as an alternative singer-songwriter presents a fresh and inspirational approach to entertainment at Concert Venues, Coffee Shops, Cafes, Book Stores, House Concerts, Wedding Ceremonies, and Special Life Events.

With a broad range of music and lyrical topics, created to heighten our sensitivities to humanity and all life on our planet, Rick reveals a unique ability to touch our inner spirits with his warm, musical songscapes and resonating tales.

Available for regional performances, presenting songs, in part, from his CD ~ I'll Meet You There ~ and additionally, an ever changing list of emerging songs, Rick recreates these original compositions in his comprehensive live shows. Rick blends textures of sounds, layered with solo live looping, while using a collection of interesting and carefully selected, unique instruments from his life’s path. These include 6 and 7 String Acoustic Guitars, Harp Guitar, Native Flutes, and World Percussion.

His vocals add the final touch to his original “Songscapes and Tales” resonating with beautiful flowing melodies and thoughtful lyrics created to wash over his audience, transporting them to a place of inner peace and reflection.

Rick’s life inspirations are collectively centered and created in his Celestial Moonscapes Studios, tucked away on a private southern facing sloped property, rich in nature and wildlife.

Rick's music truly is ~ A Place ~ Listen and be transported ~

~ Rick Sky ~

~ Harmony for our Planet ~ Music for your Soul ~

~ Be Safe in Your Dreams ~

Album Notes ~ I’ll Meet You There ~ From CD Baby

This solo album, featuring 11 songscapes thoughtfully composed, performed and produced entirely by Rick Sky, pulls the listener into a safe place, to sit with and reflect on, layers of soothing acoustic guitars, native flutes, ambient keyboards, and rich vocal melodies, all the while passing on heartfelt and subtle messages to those taking moments in life to listen.


Soothes the Soul

The first time I listened to the album
"I'll Meet You There", all I wanted to do was turn off the lights, lay down and listen. Rick Sky's music just washes over you, touching the heart as it soothes the soul. His appreciation for the beauty that surrounds him is at the core of his songs and his ability to share it through his music is a gift to those of us fortunate enough to discover this wonderfully talented musician.