Rick Sky ~ The Artist

“The setting sun peering through the branches of a magnificent, not quite blooming
poplar tree casts a golden aura over Rick Sky’s shoulder as he welcomes a visitor
outside his Celestial Moonscapes studios… The place where he has lived out his adult life…
Breathing in the natural world around him and breathing out the songscapes that pass
through him.”

Don Botch ~ Reading Eagle

Finely crafted finger style acoustic guitars ~
Meet a seasoned soul…a singer-songwriter ~
Then… the magic flows…
Carefully selected vintage instruments ~
Meet modern day analog and digital ambiance ~

Rick Sky combines these elements to create warm, thoughtfully nuanced
music, filled with memorable subjects, lyrics and melodies. Rick’s dynamic
arrangements within his studio releases, I’ll Meet You There (2010), Light Tales (2015), and at
live concert settings, create a lasting impression, projecting a sense of peace and comfort to
his audience. Seamlessly layered, acoustic guitars… sometimes alternately tuned… native
flutes, world percussion and articulate smooth vocals, performed through artistic live looping,
shape and define Rick’s musical compositions.
New songscapes are always being presented as well… so if you please…
Come…listen… see… and be a part of “The Place” that Rick’s music transports you.

~ Harmony for our Planet ~ Music for your Soul ~

~ Be Safe in Your Dreams ~

Album Notes ~ I’ll Meet You There ~ From CD Baby

This solo album, featuring 11 songscapes thoughtfully composed, performed and produced entirely by Rick Sky, pulls the listener into a safe place, to sit with and reflect on, layers of soothing acoustic guitars, native flutes, ambient keyboards, and rich vocal melodies, all the while passing on heartfelt and subtle messages to those taking moments in life to listen.


Soothes the Soul
The first time I listened to the album
"I'll Meet You There", all I wanted to do was turn off the lights, lay down and listen. Rick Sky's music just washes over you, touching the heart as it soothes the soul. His appreciation for the beauty that surrounds him is at the core of his songs and his ability to share it through his music is a gift to those of us fortunate enough to discover this wonderfully talented musician.